Child of the Stolen Sons // Stavah Shadowfall

headshotStavah Shadowfall: Holocron 010

Begin record:

The Jedi healers here on Tython feel it would be beneficial for me to record this holocron; I have reluctantly agreed. I am trying to push through my feelings as they don’t serve me or the Republic, but I find it incredibly difficult given the situation. *chuckle* I can hear Master Adar’s voice, reminding me to take perspective on the situation, to view it dispassionately from a distance, to accept it’s existence but to be mindful that I have control over how I react.

*deep breath*

Let me start at the beginning.

I come from a family of farmers. For as many generations as we can recall we have worked with livestock. I grew up in a small colony on Denevar where everyone had some force ability. In our enclave we call each other ‘cousin’ as a means of greeting. Legend says that a small group fled their home planet and they settled the area, inter-married, had families and inter-married again and again. Cousin isn’t just a colloquial greeting, it is because we all share a family connection.

In my family the tale passed from parent to child is this:

Six generations ago on a distant planet our grandfather Zorbav Shadowfall (in our custom any male ancestor no matter the generations passed is called grandfather) married Megrah, a girl from his farming community. They both had limited force abilities, neither had any training. They were farmers and ranchers, and had an affinity for animals of all kinds, because of this they thrived. They had at least 5 children (some versions of the story have as many as 8, large families were not uncommon in rural farming areas). The family was hearty and strong, the two eldest sons especially so, and not just physically strong but quite strong in the force as well. Their force ability is what brought them to the attention of someone wanting to impress a Sith Lord. One evening upon returning from the fields, Zorbav found his wife slain and his two oldest sons gone, the other children hiding, unharmed. A few other children from the village had also been taken. These kidnappings panicked the close-knit farming community and plans were put in motion to leave as quickly as possible. To Denevar they came, nine families; to start a new life. Zorbav married a daughter of one of the nine families and they started their family anew. They lived out their days on the ranch surrounded by children and grandchildren.

Family legend says that these two stolen sons (that is how we refer to them) survived to adulthood and became powerful Sith. No previous information in support of this has ever come to light. As children, we are told the story of the “stolen sons” as a cautionary tale; to be mindful of our abilities, to keep to the light and to secret your ability away in the presence of strangers lest we be stolen away too. Our family motto is: “Cling to the light, lest to the shadows you fall” ; an ever-present reminder that we must seek out the good, the true and the light, that the darkness (the shadow) always threatens.

In my family the men all have some level of force sensitivity, in the women it’s quite rare. Those women who are force sensitive are exceptionally strong. It is this way for all of the descendants of the nine families. Of my four sisters, only I have force abilities; my three brothers all have sensitivity, only one strong enough to serve as Jedi. I have had several uncles and cousins why have trained on Tython and become Jedi, it is an honored tradition in our community.

Farming is a hard life, it must be a labor of love or it is not worth the effort. Some of our family have chosen to make their way differently, heeding the call of the stars they are traders and pilots. My cousin, Katia is from one of these star-bound families. It is Katia that brings me to the difficult portion of this narrative. I have known Katia all my life, we grew up together as children. She is gifted with the force although for whatever reason she denies it. She was always getting into trouble. *laugh* She claimed trouble always found her, but those of us who knew her know that she went looking for it. Katia was destined to take to the sky, she was bored on the ground. Katia was always looking for new adventures and avoiding the staid life offered to her; a husband and a ranch. She wanted neither and became a transporter and pilot.

I do not know how Katia became aware of our dark cousin; whether it was the name “Shadowfall” or if she was passed the information. I have not been able to speak directly to Katia for some time. Now it may prove near impossible as I find it difficult to remove myself from the feelings of anger and betrayal I feel just mentioning her name.

I received a short message from Katia after the events on Tatooine transpired, a brief explanation that she was unaware of what our dark cousin was planning and an apology for her part in nearly killing Jedi Master Fliss, my friend and fellow Jedi. I had numerous discussions with Fliss during her recovery regarding my dark cousin, Mahret and her attempted capture of Fliss to deliver her to her Sith masters.

I have tried to learn what I can of her, but I find nothing of her history or parentage. I can only assume that Mahret Shadowfall is the descendant of the “stolen sons”. I do not know if she is aware of me or of our family’s service to the Jedi Order for these many generations. Knowing that she shares my blood claws at me, I am strong in the force, how could I not have sensed this darkness so close to me? How was I blind (and blindsided) by her? Was Master Fliss targeted because of her connection to me or as Katia suggests, simply because she is a Sith Pureblood Jedi Master?

There are scant few pieces of information I have been able to glean from official reports or outside sources, none have been satisfactorily confirmed. Mahret Shadowfall is rumored to be the apprentice of The Emperor’s Hand. If this is the case I can only assume that she is incredibly strong with the force to have ascended to this position. Fliss describes her as vicious and capable with her saber and devoted to her Sith Masters. Her plan in capturing Fliss was to return her to ‘her people’ to please her masters. Despite her failure in Fliss’s capture; I’m only left to wonder how else she managed to catch the eye of The Hand. My skin crawls at the thought of the evil she has wrought.

I am on Tython in an attempt to regain my perspective, to again find my balance before resuming my duties. I can only hope to be successful. I do not know if it is my destiny to confront my dark cousin; to die by her hand or to bring her to justice before the Jedi Council. I entertain the fantasy that she can be redeemed, that she can return to the loving arms of her family as we have always kept the “stolen sons” in our hearts. She would be welcomed. Each harvest meal there are two places set for our missing brothers; the boys martyred by the Sith and so often mentioned in our family lore. I have not told my family of this development or of our dark cousin. I won’t pass my grief and horror onto them and ruin what they hold dear. And I know Katia will hold her tongue rather than admit her part in this betrayal.

:End Record

This is part of an ongoing story arc of my in game characters. This is an Alternate Universe from the events in Interim.