Mother & Child Reunion // Zavah Shadowfall

Zavah in Meditation

Zavah in Meditation

“I gave you the name of my father’s mother” Mahret said without looking up from her desk, she set the datapad down as Zavah walked into the office “she was the strongest woman I’ve ever known.” Without making eye contact Mahret picked up another datapad and continued “I assumed you would want to know that. I told you her story once, on Korriban, when you were a child…well, younger anyway” she corrected herself. Zavah bristled at the perceived insult, and glared at her mother who had finally looked up and met her gaze. She swore she could feel Mahret’s mind pressing hers, probing, testing her mental strength, her dark power boring holes into Zavah’s skull.

‘Curious’, Zavah thought, ‘it’s only my anger that merited her attention.’

“You have questions; I summoned you here to answer them, I owe you that.”

“At least that, yes. I do recall the story, it was eleven years ago. I was seven. It was the first time we met, you told the Academy Overseer I was the child of a very important Darth.”

Mahret replied dryly, “and aren’t you?” a wry smile on her lips, clearly amused with herself. Zavah wished she could punch that smug expression from her mother’s face.

“Do you know what other acolytes do to those given privilege? Those shown consideration or even deference by the Academy Lords? Your lie made me the target of attack and resentment, befriended only by those who sought to use me for their own ends. Your lie made me miserable.” Zavah accused.

Mahret, the Emperor’s Wrath, rose to her feet; her face placid but eyes blazing. “My truth ensured your survival.” Her voice grew louder with each word as she raised her hand and threw her child to the wall with the force of her will, pinning Zavah a foot above the ground. “I would have thought your experience would have steeled you, nourished your strength in the dark side and made me proud. A pity it was wasted on such a worthless and insipid fool. Leave here at once and find your spine or do us both the service of ending your wretched life.” With that Zavah fell to the ground, the guards encircling her to remove her from the office. Zavah shoved them aside and stumbled quickly out the door.