Holocron 01 // Rica Shadowfall

ricaHolocron 01 = Private = Security Encryption = Eyes Only
I asked them to keep a record, these ‘sisters’ of mine. Conspirators more like. Our undertaking may shape history if we prove successful, and if so, then history should know us through our own words rather than some propaganda or dramatic interpretation. We are real, citizens and servants of The Empire, loyal to our cause, and lest history forget; real, flawed, and shaped by our experiences.

I don’t recall much of my childhood, I’d prefer not to. It was brutal, it taught me much. No surrender, no mercy. The scar that crisscrosses my face is reminder enough of what I endured. I’m told parents find force sensitive children difficult to control, to direct, to force into obedience. That was certainly true of me.

I’m uncertain if it was the series of bad harvests on the farm, or the constant fighting between my brothers and I, but on a day I have burned into memory, he took me into the spaceport, I don’t recall seeing my mother that morning, I suppose it doesn’t matter. I was giddy, my older brothers had gone numerous times, but this was my first time and I was antsy and chatty the entire ride. So enamored of the buildings the ships, the people, I barely noticed my father exchanging credits in a low voice, signing papers and then vanishing. The man he sold me to was Dra’al. 3 years later, in the summer, I cut his throat, leaving him to bleed out on the soiled mattress he called our bed. I was 12. I took his money and his ride and got as far as a spaceport where I eventually was arrested for theft. The Empire took notice of me on a routine inspection of slaves and I was given several years of intense training.

The Sith Academy is not for the weak, not physically or mentally. I never bothered to remember any of their names, this was no place to try and make friends, and truthfully I’m lousy at it anyway. I don’t relax around others, I keep a small circle of friends that I trust and everyone else is met with my indifference. One of the great lessons I learned at the Academy was that we are all pieces in this game. It’s important to know who controls you and who you control and while you may trust none, all may be useful to see your own agenda moved forward.

My skill with a blade took me to Korriban where Darth Baras singled me out for his apprentice. I will leave the story of my former Master for another datachron. Complicated treachery deserves it’s own entry. Baras believed loyalty came through cruelty, he was a sadistic fool.

I’ve said enough for now, I will update as I have time or as events unfold.